5 Importance of RTP Rate in Your Online Slot Games

Online slot games are the easiest to play. Basing on the number that appeared in the past years, it seemed that it's the easiest to develop. However, it is not the case. It is one of the games that have a complicated process. The number of reels and paylines adds to this complication, and game developers have to make sure that the theoretical RTP is fair.

Online Slot Games what are RTP and its meaning?

RTP is the acronym for return to player, and the concept is similar to return on investment. It refers to the rate of pay-out to players.

For example, you bet a total of $10 on a spin. What are your odds of winning? If a slot game has a theoretical RTP is 96%, it would mean you get at least $9.6 as total winnings, all things neutral.

 When you say all things neutral, no factors such as variance and volatility come into play.

Other factors also add to this rate, such as the number of people placing their bets in a single game. Progressive slot games may also have a different RTP in actual play than it's theoretical RTP. A progressive slot game piles up the betting money until someone hits the jackpot.

So, what is the significance of RTP in playing online slot games? Here is a list of five importance of RTP

Decision Making

Although the RTP rate isn't your sole basis in choosing a slot, it certainly is vital whether or not a slot game will pay-out a decent amount. Online slot games have RTP ranges between 95% to 98%, but some games have a 99% rate.

How does this rate affect your decision? It will help you recognize the games that  will give you prize winnings

Online Slot Games Strategy Making

Others will argue that you can never really increase your odds of winning. Indeed, you can't, but you can make some critical strategies to maximize winnings or minimize losses.

The RTP rate helps you to determine your gambling strategies. Are you going to bet your money in all the paylines with high volatility or scatter betting on low to medium volatile slot games?

Goal Setting

If you know the RTP of a particular slot game, you'll know which games are low volatile and which have high variance. Thus, it'll help you with which games to focus on real money betting and which games are only for fun gaming.

Besides, the RTP rate will also help you the minimum and maximum bet for each payline. Although the odds of winning are still the same, these kinds of goals and strategies can help you stay focus.

Reduce Losses

Theoretical RTP helps in minimizing your loss. Let's be blunt. Casinos are businesses, and their goal is to earn an income from gambling activities.

So, if your online slot games have a 96% rate, then you'll get the same percentage of winnings over time. The casino kept the remaining 4%. So, the lower RTP rate may mean more losses on your part.

Online Slot Games Equitable Playing

With the rate evident to players, you'll know whether or not you're playing in a fair slot game. Some casinos publish different rates to encourage players to create an account with them. But, casinos don't need to do this because they're the winner in the end.

Unfortunately, US online casinos don't publish their RTP, but it does not mean their games are unfair. There are other ways to compute this, which we will discuss in future posts.


There are still other factors that affect the RTP in actual playing. Thus, you have to educate yourself, so you won’t have to lose so much money with your favorite online slot games.

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